Science Fair 2016 Winners!

Our Scence Fair was held on Friday, February 19th.  Here are the results.  

Will Nickerson - Best Antibacterial Product?
Will Ryan / Matthew Croft - Which battery lasts the longest?
Abdullah Al-Sharkawi - Do video games improve reaction time?
Kurt Donovan/Derek Ryan - Does caffeine affect athletic performance?
Alexander Papadapoulus - Piezoelectric Energy Harvesting from High Traffic Areas in the HRM
Alex Gillis - Ambient Energy released by Wi-fi Routers 

Runner-Up:  Nathan Otley - Moving the Stones of the Pyramids

Maggie Smith - "Spikes or Sneakers"
Anisha Rajaselvam - "The Answer to Cancer: Could Triptolide be the Cure?"
Brenna Noble - "Which Acetaminophen Dissolves the Fastest?"
Michaela Hammond - "Mussels vs. Tunicates as Water Filters"
Mary Cate Driscoll-Sangster - "Barefoot or Shod"
Katherine Culligan - "Testing Tooth Enamel"
Eileen Bekkers - "Snow Where to Go: The Question of Dumping Snow in our Waters"

Congratulations and well done!