Mock Trial in Grade 9 Civics & Cooking Society of Fountain Academy

Volunteer lawyers from the Canadian Bar Association have been visiting Mrs. McKay's Civics classes all week to help students prepare for a charter challenge court simulation.  Lawyers Jonathan Hooper, Christina Macdonald, Rick Eng, Billy Joe Sparks, Michael MacIsaac and Amy MacGregor all took time from their busy schedules to visit our classes, speak to students about the judicial system and coach them to create arguments for and against lowering the voting age to 16.  Their visits culminated in a courtroom simulation with "Judges" Sparks and Eng presiding.  Pictured here with 9W are Mr. MacIsaac, Mr. Eng, Ms. MacDonald and Ms. MacGregor. We are very thankful for their kindness and expertise!​​​

Thank you for the photo, Mrs. McKay.

The Fountain Academy Cooking Society made brownies last week. We hope some of these boys surprised their mothers with these on Sunday!​  Thank you for the photo, Mrs. Simpson-O'Brien!