How can I make a difference to the community?

The Grade 7M students have been involved over the past few weeks researching on what their conscience would like them to do in the community. From a broader perspective, students were asked the questions “How can I make difference to the community?“ “What can I do to make the community I live in a better place with my contributions?”

Students have been enthusiastic to choose from a wide range of topics which include the following:

  • providing breakfast to kids
  • providing education to people who are functionally illiterate
  • supporting organizations that work with animal shelters
  • advocating for seniors health care
  • raising awareness and funds to support and improve hospital health care
  • providing better treatment for cancer patients
  • environmental awareness and climate change
  • reaching out to comfort terminally ill children at IWK hospital

The above are just a few examples of the tremendous efforts these students have put in to learn and even conduct personal interviews over the phone. It has offered a great opportunity for students to think about how they can implement some of these projects at school for building and staying connected with the community. I over heard some of the students chat among themselves saying, "This is great, we got to learn something new and now we get to present and teach others in the school".