Sacred Heart Exchange Experience from Tokyo!

Attending Seishin Joshi Gakuin was a wonderful experience. As the first student to go on this exchange, I made the first connection between the two Sacred Heart Schools. Fortunately, bonding with the school in Tokyo was effortless. Within the first few days, I already felt like part of the family-- "Once a child of the Sacred Heart, always a child of the Sacred Heart," as we say. I befriended all of the girls in my class and even made a few friendships that I know will last a lifetime. The exchange coordinator of the school, who was also one of the English teachers, Ms. Kumiko, was very welcoming and kind. It was a pleasure to meet her. She as well as my classmates were very helpful in getting me settled during the first week. As well, since Japan is part of my background, I was also able to further improve my skills in Japanese, since I had no choice but to use it (except in the two English classes). I would highly recommend anyone to visit this school. The Japanese aspect might be challenging, but I can state for a fact that the girls are determined learners of English, so the language barrier would not be a big obstacle.

Grade 12 student Karen Ballesteros

(to learn more about our Sacred Heart Student Exchange program, contact Charlotte Riley criley@shsh.ca)