Sacred Heart Receives Youth in Philantrophy Award

Last night the Sacred Heart School was recognized for its 30 years of social action work at Adsum House and was represented by grade 11 students, Holly Stuart and Morgan Pugh-Toole, along with Mrs McKay, the coordinator of the Social Action program.  We received the Youth in Philantrophy Award at the Maritime Philantrophy Awards at the Cunard Centre.

Congratulations, Ladies!

The girls were not given the opportunity to read their thank you remarks at the dinner last night but Mrs. McKay sent them along and they are very worthy of publication.  Well done, Holly and Morgan!

(Morgan) We are so grateful to be here to represent the many years of Sacred Heart volunteer service at Adsum house. For thirty years now, as a part of our school’s grade 11 social action program, Sacred Heart has been sending students to volunteer at various charities and organizations throughout Halifax. Our history volunteering at Adsum House is definitely a long one!

(Morgan) Sacred Heart School of Halifax is one of many Sacred Heart schools around the globe. As a network of schools, we are educated based on five main pillars. One of these pillars is to educate to a social awareness which impels to action. We believe that it is through this incredible opportunity that we are able to truly expand and learn upon this pillar to further our education and awareness of what is not only going on globally, but in our own local community as well.

(Morgan) My time spent volunteering at Adsum House has been truly life changing. I look forward to my time volunteering at Adsum House every week. From my early days helping out in the kitchen, to working in the deja vu room with Sherri, Fiona and all of the other amazing volunteers that work there, I feel it has definitely changed who I am as both a student and a person in a positive way. It has been such a rewarding experience and I am so thankful to have been given this incredible opportunity to volunteer with a foundation that does so many wonderful things for people. My experience volunteering through Sacred Heart has definitely made me want to continue to work with Adsum in future years as well.

(Holly) Volunteering at Adsum House has changed my life, it truly brings me joy. It has also given me a new perspective in my life. I love the people there and I can really see the way I am the way I am helping at Adsum House. One week I hung up a blue shirt and the next week it was gone, it helped me to see that I was actually helping people, and I knew that someone was wearing that blue shirt who needed it to start the next part of her life.

(Holly) Every year the Sacred Heart Girls’ High School develops a theme at the beginning of the year, which we live by and follow for the remainder of that school year. This year it was “for the good of the sisterhood”, which I feel is not only an ideal that we carry as school, but also at Adsum House. Adsum House provides drop in care for women in need, and go the extra mile to provide them with the life skills they need to get back on their feet. Sacred Heart also teaches us as young women how to stand strong.

(Holly) On behalf of Sacred Heart School of Halifax, we would like to thank Adsum House for nominating us for this prestigious award. We are thankful for the wonderful, welcoming volunteer environment you have provided us with for this past year, and for the past thirty years of other Sacred Heart volunteers, and hopefully for the many years to come.

Thank You!